Are you interested in your own safe, decent and affordable home?

Check out the information below to see if you may qualify for a Habitat home.

If you meet the below criteria contact Toni Molck, Family Services Manager, today for more information at 309-827-3931 or Toni.Molck@habitatmclean.org.

Qualifications Overview

  1. Are you unable to obtain a conventional home loan?

  2. Have you been a McLean County resident for at least one (1) year?
    Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. All applicants must provide valid and official documentation of residency in the U.S. The following documents are considered acceptable proof:

    1. U.S. Passport

    2. Permanent Resident Card

    3. Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551)

    4. Certificate of U.S. Citizenship

    5. Or, two U.S. State Documents, such as U.S. Driver’s License and certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate

  3. Do you have a housing need?

  4. Are you able to make monthly mortgage payments, including insurance and taxes (ability to pay)?

  5. Are you willing to partner with us to help build your new home?

  6. Do you meet the income limits listed in the Income Elibility Section below?

    1. Total gross income includes each adult living in the household.

    2. Income should be calculated from all documented wages, SSI, SSDI, retirement, alimony, VA benefits, and child support

Income Eligibility

Total gross income includes each adult living in the household. Income should be calculated from all documented wages, SSI, SSDI, retirement, alimony, VA benefits, and child support.

Eligibility is as follows: # of People in Household | Maximum Annual Income Maximum Monthly Income:

  • 1 Adult | $35,040 Max Annual Income | $2,920 Max Monthly Income

  • 2 Adults | $40,080 Max Annual Income | $3,340 Max Monthly Income

  • 3 Adults | $45,060 Max Annual Income | $3,755 Max Monthly Income

  • 4 Adults | $50,040 Max Annual Income | $4,170 Max Monthly Income

  • 5 Adults | $54,060 Max Annual Income | $4,505 Max Monthly Income 

  • 6 Adults | $58,080 Max Annual Income | $4,840 Max Monthly Income

  • 7 Adults | $62,100 Max Annual Income | $5,175 Max Monthly Income

  • 8 Adults | $66,060 Max Annual Income | $5,505 Max Monthly Income

*Income levels are set annually by US Department of Housing & Urban Development and are 60% of the median income.

Housing Need

There must be a demonstrated need in order to qualify for a Habitat home.

To apply for a Habitat home, one must not be able to qualify for a traditional home loan and must also demonstrate a housing need (see examples below). If qualified financially, applicant will receive a home visit to further evaluate his/her housing need. Applicant must be a McLean County resident for one (1) year prior to applying. 

Some examples of a housing need are outlined below (this list is not all-inclusive):

Structural/Mechanical Problems in Building 

  • Visible holes or cracks

  • Leaks, hazardous/toxic materials

  • Electrical problems

  • Plumbing problems

  • Non-working appliances  

Overcrowded Conditions

  • Inadequate sleeping arrangements

  • More than 2 persons share a room

  • Different gendered children share a room

  • Persons having to sleep on the floor

Unsafe Environments

  • Bugs

  • Rodents

  • Sewage problems

  • Stairway in disrepair

  • Allergy concerns

  • High-crime area

Temporary or Transitional Housing

  • Family currently living with relatives

  • Family in emergency shelter

  • Homelessness

Ability to Pay

Ability to pay is determined by our Staff & Board of Directors, based on information provided and collected during the application process.


  • Have a steady, reliable source of income

  • Demonstrate financial responsibility with at least six (6) months of history for current employment or income sources

  • Be able to pay a monthly house payment at approximately 25% of gross monthly income

    • approximate monthly payment is currently $515 for a 3-bedroom home / $530 for a 4-bedroom home (taxes and insurance included)

  • Be able to pay projected monthly utilities (electric/gas and water/sewer)

  • NOT have filed for bankruptcy within the past one (1) year, and any bankruptcies must have been discharged or dismissed for one (1) year.

While Habitat does not have a credit score requirement, we consider recent history of payments on rent, utilities, loans and other expenses. Additionally, the amount of monthly loan payments, including estimates for deferred student loans, is considered. Applicants must be able to save a minimum of $900 for closing costs and pay off or settle old debts on their credit reports. 


For more details regarding any of this information, please contact Toni, Family Services Manager, at 309-827-3931 or Toni.Molck@habitatmclean.org

Willingness to Partner

A partner family must be willing to complete "sweat-equity" hours.

Habitat requires that a partner family take part in building their own home and other Habitat homes. "Sweat-equity" hours may include activities such as clearing Habitat lots, painting, helping with construction, working at the Habitat ReStore, or other approved activities.

  • A two-adult household is required to perform a minimum of 500 hours.

  • A single-adult family is required to complete 250 hours.

  • A portion of the sweat equity hours can be completed by family and friends.

  • All of the hours must be completed before the partner family can close on the home.

​In addition, the partner family must also be willing to attend homeowner support workshops throughout the building process.